Spark Adventure 2023 successfully concluded its most awaited adventurous event “Wild Stay With Chauri” from 28th to 30th September 2023 in the picturesque region of Sailung in Dolakha/ Ramechhap featuring an array of thrilling experiences and a lifetime of memories for the participants.

The Sailung adventure included a series of activities including an adventurous off-road journey, a short hike accompanied by the majestic view of the Himalayan range, hundred ‘thumkas,’ mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, immersion in local culture, indulgence in Raithane dishes, exploration of Chauri goth and goth life, and the serene embrace of chilly weather.

Grand Inauguration of 230+ Guests at Mirabel Resort, Dhulikhel

The trip commenced with a grand inauguration of 230+ guests at Mirabel Resort in Dhulikhel, marked by a vibrant welcome with ‘Panchebaja’ ceremony on a Thursday morning of 28th September 2023. The event witnessed the presence of notable names from diverse professions and fields like Captain Vijay Lama, Prof. Dr. Chiranjivi Acharya, Dr. Dinesh Kharel, Dr. Ranjit Baral, folk singer Premaraja Mahat, singer Yash Kumar, actor Nikhil Upreti, actor Sandip Chettri, writer Buddhisagar, traveler Sirjana Sizzu, actor Garima Sharma,  comedian Kailash Karki, and administrative and security officials among others.

The extensive guest list also included AIG Shyam Gyawali of Nepal Police, Yogesh Bhakta Bade, Chief Executive Officer of IME General Insurance, medical professionals, representatives from various embassies, diplomatic mission representatives, and other distinguished personalities.

The enthusiastic travelers then embarked on their journey to Sailung in 52 4WD vehicles, receiving warm welcomes and hospitality from the locals at various stops along the way with a delicious local lunch in Doramba. On the same day, the team reached Kholakharka by car in the evening, where they were greeted in accordance with local customs. The locals extended their hospitality by offering guests a token of appreciation in the form of a local liquor, and a salted tea with ghee.

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Adventurous Camping Under the Starry Sky

Offering an immersive hiking experience, the guests embarked on a 35-minute trek to reach the summit of Sailung Hill. Arriving at approximately 8 p.m., they were greeted by a stunning landscape adorned with over 90 tents. The night was spent camping under the starry sky, and savoring the delightful flavors of local cuisine.

The second day of the adventure began with a captivating sunrise, unveiling the majestic Himalayas in all their splendor. As the day unfolded, it was filled with exploration of Sailung’s enchanting landscapes, captivating local dances that showcased the rich culture, and indulgence in delectable local cuisines.


Local residents from Sailung and its surrounding areas spontaneously presented various local tableaus and cultural dances, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. The evening was crowned with a perfect cocktail dinner party, all amidst the chilly weather.

On the final day, after enjoying breakfast at Sailung and lunch at Kwality Beach Resort in Mulkot, they bid farewell to Sailung, taking with them lasting memories of an unforgettable experience about their memorable adventure as they journeyed back to Kathmandu.

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The Mission of Promoting Domestic Tourism

Despite the geographical challenges, the Spark Adventure team successfully concluded the adventure in Sailung. The program’s mission was to provide tourists with an adventurous experience and underscored its significant role in promoting tourism in Sailung. Throughout the event, there was a concerted effort to promote local products and build connection among the participants.


The initiative to showcase the region through local cuisine was a success. The effort was also well received by the representatives from the Dolakha and Ramechhap local governments, as well as the Bagmati provincial government, who joined in welcoming the Spark Adventure team.

This type of program is being held for the first time in Nepal. Stakeholders emphasized the need for more such programs to boost domestic tourism. As per different media sources, Captain Vijay Lama believed that these programs would significantly contribute to the country’s tourism sector and economic growth. He also urged the local community, elected representatives, and the entire nation to recognize Sailung’s potential as a golden tourism destination.

Actor Nikhil Upreti expressed his happiness at visiting the land where Lord Buddha once walked. Folk singer Premaraja Mahat voiced confidence that programs like this would enhance the country’s tourism industry and bring about economic prosperity.


Commitment To The Continuation Of Such Programs In The Future

Sailung, with its hundred ‘thumkas’ and stunning natural beauty, holds both religious and communal significance. It is renowned as a premier ‘hill station’ offering breathtaking views of vast snow ranges. Sailung, a harmonious blend of nature and environment, is deemed crucial for tourism.

The second installment of Spark Adventure, which initially set off with a bee hunting expedition in Bhujung, Lamjung, last year, shifted its focus to Sailung. This captivating region lies on the border of Dolakha and Ramechhap, encompassing the enchanting Chauri Goth area. Spark Car in association with Spark Adventure and Self Drive Nepal remains committed to the continuation of such programs in the future, with a resolute mission of introducing rural Nepal to Nepalese and Nepal to the world.