What would you expect from a lavishly premium travel and tour service?

We are all that, and more.

Spark Adventure is the revolutionizing way of travel for your next destination. We are experienced “extravagant tourism” providers, dedicated to transforming your basic travel and tour experience into an Internationally premium-based one.

Filled with exotic and premium experiences, provided with customized glory of your journey, we take responsibility for you and your time and make each moment count. We don’t explain lustrous luxury and comfort with words but make you feel it with awe.

We provide Domestic premium tour packages for Adventure, Pilgrimage, Trek and Hikes, Sight and Scenic, Two-wheeler Rides, and more customized deals as per your need.

Achieving the top position in South Asia as the initiators of launching and promoting tourism in Nepal with the Self-ride rental service of Electric Vehicle Mobilization, we have remained loyal and developed and brought your worth of services.

Quality etiquette experience in your best-suited needs. From Five-Star accommodations to soothing logistics, your journey with Spark Adventure will be an experience to remember for a lifetime.


Why Choose Us





Take a step towards the unfathomed experience that helps you express your soul craving for the natural beauty and unexplored crevices of Nepal.

Take in the adrenaline fuel. Be a part of the life-changing moments. Learn to live with an expression of experience.



Follow the instinctive calling of the religious Journey with the comfort of traveling premium in the best ways possible.

Explore the religious land of Nepal in a systematically planned route. With an all-arranged pilgrimage site and accommodations of top-notch quality throughout the journey. Visit and express your devotion to your belief with assurance. Your promises to your religious belief will be fulfilled by us.

Hike and Trek

Aching to rush to the hills again?

Relieve the pressure and the monotonous routine of your body. Give it a break and loosen it.Enrich your soul with the climb through the natural terrains of Nepal. Heighten the experience with each step and upbuilding a vision of exquisite beauty.


Sight and Scenic

It’s wonderful to just watch as nature grows, transforms, and revives its life of it. You can be an audience of the process. Wait and watch the beautiful and picturesque view of Nepal as you travel along.

Learn new things about nature, and get involved with the life around it. Refresh your mind and soul and feel the rejuvenating essence of wonderful and mystic nature.

Wildlife Hunting

Dhorpatan Wildlife Hunting Reserve is the only legal hunting site in Nepal. For the keen hunting practitioners, it is the best trophy hunting experience.

Get familiar with the luxurious attributes of legally hunting a selected number of animals with your sheer determination.


Mad Honey Hunting

Get a place to go on an adventure through the steep Himalayan cliff of Nepal to hunt the famous Nepali Mad Honey.

In an effort to boost the importance of the hunter’s job as the honey collectors from the dangerous steep height of mountains, the participants of this adventure become a part of its ancient traditions and collaborate for the promotion of Mad Honey hunt tourism.

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